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Connecting the Things

Earth Observation and Copernicus

Advanced applications under the Big Data Challenge of Copernicus EU Initiative dealing with environmental monitoring, earth modeling, precise agriculture and water quality parameters

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Cotheta is developing new products and software components using state of the art virtual and augmented reality software (Unity3D, Unreal Engine, ARCore, ARKit) and hardware (Alienware and MSI VR ready Workstations, HTC Vive)

Internet of Things

Smart cities technologies including intelligent social parking, integrated municipal services, multisensor systems, data visualization portals and other cloud-based solutions based on state of the art IoT hardware and software technologies

Virtual Museums and VR/AR Cultural Spaces

Offering the full circle of “Virtual Museum” implementation process utilizing the latest VR/AR hardware, 3D modeling tools, 3D reconstruction of individual objects and landscapes, laser scanning, 360 photo/video equipment, 3D processing and top games/VR/AR engine programming

Virtual Medical Training Simulations

3D modeling of the Human Body, holograms, VR/AR simulations, advanced haptic interaction of specific surgical procedures in cooperation with Medical Research Institutes in Greece and abroad

Our Products and Services

Explore the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality to your Earth Observation Data using state of the art tools and technologies for the User Experience. Theasi.io is a set of tools and technologies for creating custom solutions tailored to Earth Observation Data and Customers needs, automating the service delivery transition to the Immersive Reality Era.

Our Expertise


Alkiviadis Poulis (Soft.Eng, M.Sc., University of Ioannina) is a senior innovation management professional with 20 years of involvement in more than 30 RDI (Research Development and Innovation) projects funded by the European Union, top European Industries, European Space Agency, with focus in 3D graphics and Virtual Reality (Dipl. Thesis), Computational Geometry/Robotics (M.Sc. Thesis) and real-world applications of AR/VR Technologies in Cultural Heritage, Virtual Surgery and Education.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities
  • Earth Observation